About Us 

We are in the Christmas tree business since 2012. Our family started to plan a business with several Christmas tree farms in different areas of the country resulting in faster shipping time. 


We don’t own any Christmas tree farm but we guarantee that the real Christmas trees we offer are fresh and of high quality. Before we entered this business all members of our family were trained, skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to this aspect. We have no lot or farm to plant trees, however, we visit every year our affiliated farms to make sure that the trees are growing beautifully and ready to harvest just before Christmas. 


At first, our business was only about selling Christmas ornaments. We handcrafted our product right here in our garage and sold it online. We have a passion for decorating Christmas trees therefore, we expanded our business into offering not just fake Christmas trees but also live ones. We all know how the real tree looks perfect for our home and yard because of its fragrance and Christmas feels vibes.  


To remind you, our shop is not just selling a variety of real Christmas trees, we offer our handcrafted ornaments and wreaths as well. Order yours now! We accept orders from 5th of November and lasts until the 20th of the same month. After that, we will start to harvest and pack your orders to deliver in just a few days. 


Capitol Christmas Tree is always here for you. Although we thrive for just a few years in the business, we are committed to putting our customers first. If you need Capitol Christmas Tree, reach out to us through email. Find our account in the contact section of this site. If you have any doubt about us, please tap the testimonials section and kindly view what our previous customers say about us. 


Thank you for your time!